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Kolomia Moon - Mini event 1 (i am dead inside) by xLunatiCXz
Kolomia Moon - Mini event 1 (i am dead inside)
I AM DONE AND i am free exactly 2 days before the deadline
haha shit--
me and my time management

Bert -Perfriff
Fable & Blue - frogbody
Pandora - Asstross
Trizula - mangomars
Celestia - Yumane
Nova - H3nOwl
Acacius - cheerfulpessimist11
Cassandra - roxas-kitax
Eris - fooly-fooly
Dollop - faeryboi
Kieran - noisyamoeba
Labbit - iZince
Aurie is my child

oh my god theres so many


Name: Aurie Felodie
Spiritua: Nobelia
Crescents Earned:  670
40 - Shaded fullbody
30 x 16 - 16 Shaded busts
2 x 25 - 2 flat busts (kieran and blue ahaha--)
35 x 2 - 2 Medium BGs (first and last panels)
15 x 2 - 2 Simple BGs (second and third panels)

do i get a bonus for this i cant tell
Dance in the forest by xLunatiCXz
Dance in the forest
EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY MKAYY its like 2 am rn and my back aches send me to the hospital-

So there's a backstory for this, Nova snuck Aurie out to the forest at midnight (lmao gonna get their asses detention'd) where he prepared fireflies and flowers and all that snazz. Then they danced and Nova confessed, but it didnt end well for him 
but the whole rp was A+ adorable and i loved it

Nova - :iconh3nowl:
Name : Aurie Felodie
Spiritua : Nobelia
Points : 130

2 Fullbody shaded = 80
Detailed bg = 50</sub>
Aurie Felodie ~ RP TRACKER by xLunatiCXz
Aurie Felodie ~ RP TRACKER


Kieran (noisyamoeba)
Friend, Big brother figure #1

This pink haired grinch is among the first few people Aurie has ever met, and is also one of the closest friends she has in Solanum Academe.
Initially, you could call their relationship rocky (Kieran has pulled her hair a few times) and Aurie might as well be labelled 'Obsessive' for repeatedly coming back to him anyway- but it seems that they've grown fond of each other in their own ways. In her eyes, Kieran is the eldest brother; the ring leader. The tough guy who is willing to throw a few more punches than deserved. The one who commands, leads and protects (and also piss off a lot of people, but she tends to overlook that). She does not understand true fear, but as long as Kieran is around, Aurie knows she will never need to.

But of course, in all his angry glory, he does have a lack of intuition in the fine arts of romance and poise ; which Aurie is more than glad to help with. She acts as his dating coach in his search for his perfect princess and provides the necessary tips and props needed to woo her dainty heart- all of which totally sucks, by the way. Aurie isn't aware that real love doesn't work like it does in her books. But she's more than happy to help Kieran learn all he needs about true love, and in return, he teaches her how to swim and slap people. Fair trade.

Arwin (SEVMD)

Again, the walking glowstick is the among the first of the many people Aurie has met and one of her first true friends. 
Arwin is the tall friend who seemingly has a rather volatile relationship with the others; it's either fight or play, and Aurie appears to be under the latter section. She sees him as a gentle person, eager to follow through with her requests such as piggyback riding or making wishes together at the well. Because of this, she tends to mistake his brawls with Kieran as just little friendship squabbles, even if he's drowning in the pool. 

Aurie thinks he's a happy person, if not a calm and collected one (which he happens to not be around Kieran). She knows he misses his family and is homesick, but that's a normal problem, or so he says.
Except.. he does kinda look sad sometimes. The first time she noticed this was when he broke one of his prosthetics. From that, she managed to understand that he had 'real' legs before and had lost them- or as much as she can understand such things. But he has new legs, doesn't he? They work just as well, right?

Nova (H3nOwl)
Friend & Playmate, Brother figure

Nova is the cold, arrogant and independent friend of the group. He is also Aurie's playmate, mostly on her part (he gets dragged along).
It's strange how they can tolerate each other this well. More often than not, she pulls him into her silly little plans, like running off into the woods to find flowers or piling plush toys in his room for decoration and having tea with them. It's almost surprising how patient he is with her, and perhaps that is why he's her usual dragbag playmate. Perhaps it's because he's just slightly less reluctant than all the playmates she had back home.

Otherwise, he's the smart brother of the new little family she has in the academy. Whenever she has a problem (that Kieran can't solve with his fists), she'd go to Nova. To her, Nova has the answers to the whole universe and a half, and also her herbology homework. He's the kind of person to never have an issue of his own that he can't solve- or so she thinks.

Aurie hopes to one day make his boring, white dorm room become a bright, colourful and horrendously glittery one. It'll only need a little convincing, hopefully.

Acacius (cheerfulpessimist11)
Friend & Exploring Partner, Big brother figure #2

For one, Acacius is a walking tree. That's easily some extra brownie points for the walking flower.
Species aside, Acacius is the fun big brother who brings Aurie on trips in and out of the forest and shows her new and cool stuff, like his dead beetle collection. He's her first stepping stone into the wilderness, something she's never even dared wandering into until Acacius happened. Now, they explore the woods together and have even created a map to indicate where their discoveries lie. Too bad they can't actually find their discoveries more than once; their combined sense of direction is so bad they always end up finding something new instead.

Aurie genuinely thinks that Acacius is an experienced and hardened adventurer and follows him closely on their fieldtrips together like a little sidekick. Tell her to associate him with something, and she'd come up with 'exploring', 'new' and 'beetles'.

Pandora (asstros)
Acquaintance, Idol

This lupin girl is Aurie's idol. She's dainty, pretty and smart, all of which are the traits that make up the perfect queen. To be frank, she's rather high up Aurie's pedestral. It's only natural that Aurie would want to follow in her footsteps.
All that she knows of Pandora is through Kieran and the occasional 'hellos' in the hallway, but it's not a stretch to say that Aurie would be over the moon to get to know her better. At least she gets to aid Kieran in winning her heart; that's something!

Hue (celestialloser)
Acquaintance, Friendship target

Pink, bubbly one of the sweetest people Aurie has ever met and who also wants to be a knight? Yes.
Though Aurie does not know Hue well, she'd absolutely love to hold the bestest tea parties with her, and maybe also play with dolls and dressup. Aurie think she has the prettiest crown too; who wouldn't want a permanent shining crown atop your head?

Patricia (waterloks)
Barely acquaintance, Friendship target #2

The petite, sweet looking elf girl is Aurie's classmate in Mystics- and good lord does Aurie want to befriend her so hard. She's a little unaware that Patricia may not appreciate that.


Name: Aurie Felodie
Spiritua: Nobelia
Crescents Earned: 50

Shaded waist-up = 35
Simple BG = 15
Kolomia Art Dump by xLunatiCXz
Kolomia Art Dump


Name: Aurie Felodia
Spiritua: Nobelia
Crescents Earned: 285

3 flat busts = 25x3
2 shaded busts = 30x2
2 shaded knee-up = 35x2
2 shaded fullbodies = 40x2

(DID I COUNT RIGHT //holds up my 20 fingers)

White sheep belongs to :iconh3nowl:

Tree boi belongs to :iconcheerfulpessimist11:

Kieran belongs to :iconnoisyamoeba:

Plant thing belongs to mEE
Kolomia Moon - Aurie by xLunatiCXz
Kolomia Moon - Aurie
For :iconkolomia-moon:
(THE SIDES ARE DISCOLOURED I think transferring the file transparency from sai to photoshop fuked it up ILL FIX IT LATER)



Name: Aurie Felodie
Spiritua: Nobelia
Arcana: Protection
Grade: Year 1 of Comet
Age: 12
Height/Weight: 152cm or 5ft // 49kg or 106lbs
Monster: Flower Nymph
Gender: Female


(Princessy, Weird) Aurie is a princess. Or thinks she is, anyway. It’ll be apparent that she’s read too many fairy tales the moment you meet her. She curtseys to everyone she greets, maintains a cheerful demeanor 24/7 and is exceedingly kind in both words and actions- to the point where it’s utterly annoying. She prances and sings to animals whenever she can, but it only really serves to make her look weird.

(Sweet, Forgiving) Regardless of her eccentricity, Aurie truly doesn’t have a single mean bone in her body. She never lies (it’s almost physically impossible for her) and when she says something, you can rest assured that she wholeheartedly means it. Her shoulder is always ready for someone to cry on and she’s always ready to forgive and forget.

(Naive, Dim) The sheltered girl genuinely believes that everyone has good deep within and wants to give everyone a chance, naively putting full trust even into people she’s only known for 5 minutes. Her grades aside, she’s really dumb.

(Optimistic, Cheerful) When you tell Aurie to think of consequences, negative outcomes will never cross her mind. If you ask her what she thinks of a person, she’ll only point out their better qualities even if they’re a total ass. While it's good to be this optimistic on paper, it's a bad idea to disregard the fallbacks all the time.

(Idealistic) It won’t be uncommon to witness her gushing about how perfect something is, or how it would be. It’s not a stretch to say she’s in her own little world often and could ramble on about it, painting something to be more grand than it really is. Will be especially worse if it’s romance-related.

(Disregardant, ‘Forgetful’) Sometimes, Aurie’s tendency to ignore the bad can lead her to seemingly forget it entirely. Say something terrible happens today, and she will forget it ever happened tomorrow.

Born into a life of wealth and privilege, it’s only natural that Aurie was doted upon as a noble. She’s never had to even lift a finger her whole life and was given the best quality of life.
Her parents, both having relatives in the king’s court, made sure to groom her properly and privately. Afterall, a spoilt brat would just be a stain on their bloodline. As part of her homeschooling, they set morals and rules, painting a clear picture of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in her head and punishment was in order if she were to be naughty- which of course was incredibly rare. It was a strict upbringing, but Aurie found no need to complain for she hadn’t an opportunity to know anything else.

They made especially sure that she kept away from ‘the bad streets’, where the poor and worse roamed. When she questioned, they fed her curiosity with fairytales and knights in shining armors saving the day.

Ultimately, this worked against them. Aurie grew up thinking the world to be all that her parents had told her and showed her in the books. She sought after the ‘inner good’ in everyone and swears that evil doesn’t exist. She became especially prone to falling for lies and blindly following whoever asked her to, which would make ransom kidnappings a very liable possibility- or even worse. When her parents finally tried to introduce her to the real world, she rejected it. No other attempts were successful.

By the time she was 10, her parents had decided that if they couldn’t undo their own mistake, some time away from home would do her good. Maybe if she mingled with others, she’d learn how the world works from them. And so, they sent her to the academy and left her to her own devices for the very first time.

Likes: Everything sweet and nice and fun, SPRINGTIME, Listening to the sounds of the forest like a dork, Eating, Waking up early
Dislikes: ‘Bad things’, Fire and smoke, Deserts, Significant lack of water, Acidic substances

Herbology, Mystics Class, Offensive Class, Defensive Class

Health: 1
Magic: 3 (+1)
Strength: 0
Defense: 0 (+1)
Stealth: 4
Intelligence: 2
Luck: 0


NAME - Crown of thorns
Aurie can summon small vines in a radius to encircle her as protection. Said radius can be 8 ft from her. They’re really small vines, so they do more tripping than protecting. They do have thorns though, so they seem more like miniature barbed wires.
These vines will be automatically called off as soon as Aurie thinks she’s out of danger.


  • She’s a carnivore, mainly eats insects but also ordinary meat. As for liquid, she can drink anything.

  • Her petals act like feathers and can puff up according to light or her mood.

  • Her blood is plant sap- translucent with a hint of green. It also smells pungent like when you pluck a leaf fresh off a tree and smell it.

  • She has stubs for feet and cuts off the ends of her socks so they can keep contact with the ground, usually just to make her feel comfortable. She loves dipping them in water, though.

  • Every part of her is soft-ish like a sapling; the only part that’s hard and coarse are her lower arms. They feel like wood and have two thorns on each.

  • Cutting off/plucking out her petals or leaves will definitely hurt, but they'll grow back in due time.

  • Doesn't need to breathe. Nor smell. Having no nose has its perks.

  • When sick or dehydrated, she will appear 'wilted' and her colours will dull.

  • Smells strongly of roses; during springtime you may find it overpowering.

  • Despite her distinct lack of common sense, she's very book-smart.

  • Her voice.

  • Writes in extreme, nigh illegible cursive coupled with hearts.

  • Has absolutely no concept of danger or money management.

Roleplay: I prefer to RP Lit (and my paragraphs can get kinda long, so tell me if you want it shortened) in Skype. I am also fine with script and Da notes/comments.
Then again, I am going to have a slightly busy week. Prom's coming up and I only have a week to get my butt onto the streets, get a dress (for once holy shit), get my friend a birthday gift..
and then a whole four months of utter boredom. 


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